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Baby’s Pram

Using Food Art Pens

you will need
  • Thin square board 13cm (5in)
  • Circle cutter – 90mm, 30mm, and 10mm
  • Oval cutters – 50mm, 30mm, 25mm
  • Straight frill set 5-8 (FMM)
  • Dowels
  • Wooden skewers
  • Ribbon pale pink 15mm x 1.5m
  • Craft knife
You will need
to decorate the cake
  • Square cakes 13cm (5in), 20cm (8in)
  • Square cake drum 28cm (11in)
  • White sugarpaste 1.6kg
  • White flowerpaste 300g
  • ProGel - Pink, Bright Green
  • Edible Food Pens - Leaf Green, Dusky Pink
  • Edible Glue
  • Royal icing (small amount)
  • Before you start, colour approximately 250g of sugarpaste using Bright Green ProGel and 100g of flowerpaste using Pink ProGel.
  • Place the 13cm (5in) cake onto the same size thin board and place the 20cm (8in) cake onto the 28cm (11in) square drum.
  • Cover the cakes with white sugarpaste.
  • Cover the board around the large cake using Bright Green sugarpaste.
  • Leave to dry. Dowel and stack the two cakes.
to help you
  • Practise on a spare piece of paste first before drawing onto your design.
  • Make sure all your decorations are completely dry and firm before drawing onto them.
  • Try to make up extra pieces to allow for any mistakes
You will need
to make the pram
  • 1 white circle 90mm (cut out 1/4)
  • 1 white ½ 90mm circle
  • ¼ of 90mm pink circle
  • 20 pink 50mm ovals
  • 20 white 30mm ovals
  • 1 white 25mm oval
  • 2 white circles 30mm
  • 2 pink circles 10mm
  • 120 small pink blossoms
  • 80 pink edging pieces (see edging pieces)
to make the pram
  • Side Edge Decorations - Using the blossom strip cutter and the pink flowerpaste, cut out the pieces as shown, retaining the blossoms from the centres and trimming the edges using the craft knife. Making more blossoms as needed. Using the Dusky Pink Food Pen, draw the pattern onto the edging pieces and the blossoms using the fine end of the pen. Attach the pieces around the base of each cake using a small amount of royal icing. Keep the blossoms to one side.
  • Edging the pram - Attach five of the decorated edgings to the top of the 90mm ½ circle using a little royal icing, and decorate the 25mm oval as shown. Draw the green decoration on to the side of the pram as shown and attach the small oval to the side. Finish the detail around the centre oval.
  • Wheels - Using the Leaf Green and Dusky Pink Food Pen, draw the design onto the two 30mm white circles and the two 10mm pink circles, attach together with royal icing. Leave to one side to dry.
  • Side design and pram hood - Using all the pink 50mm ovals and all the 30mm white ovals, draw on the pattern as shown and attach together using a little royal icing. Attach the panels to the side of the cake. Attach 5 small blossoms to the pram hood. Attach the remaining blossoms around the panels on the side of the cake and the base board.
  • Attaching the skewers - Attach the skewers to the pram by using two strips of flowerpaste brushed with Edible Glue and placed over the skewers to secure them to the back of the 90mm circle with a ¼ cut out. Leave to dry until completely set.
  • Pram Handle - Roll a piece of Pink flowerpaste into a thin sausage, approximately 100mm, roll one end into a tight coil and flatten the other end as shown.
  • Assembling the pram - Attach the base placing the flattened end of the pram handle in between the two pieces with a small amount of royal icing to secure in position. Attach the hood to the pram using a little royal icing. Then attach the wheels to the side of the pram. Leave to dry. Push the skewers into the top of the cake trimming the skewers with wire cutters if needed. Attach the ribbon.
with friends and family
  • Perfect for christenings and baptisms.