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Jewel Flower Cake Toppers

Easy glitter decorations

Products & Equipment
  • Cupcakes
  • Flowerpaste
  • Cutter (flower – any design/size that suites your required style)
  • Sparkle range Glitter – Colours of your choice
  • Edible Glue by Rainbow Dust Colours
  • Paintbrush – preferably Sable
  • Rolling Pin
  • Non Stick Board
  • Roll out the flowerpaste thinly on non stick board and cut out your desired shapes eg (flower, stars, hearts etc)
  • Leave to dry overnight to dry.
  • Brush shapes with edible glue.
  • Sprinkle with glitter, and leave to dry.
  • Place on top of the cupcake.
For great results
  • To achieve a nice clean edge to your flowers and shapes, when cutting them out, make sure once you have rolled your flowerpaste thinly, lift up and put a fine coating of cornflour on your board and place your flowerpaste on top.
  • Cut your shape out of the flowerpaste with a scrubbing motion, (press down on the flowerpaste and move the cutter gently side to side). The cornflour will allow the flowerpaste to move freely, ensuring a clean and neat edge to your shapes.
  • To acquire a nice even layer of glitter, apply a small amount of glue with a paint brush in a thin layer, do not overload. The glitter will then adhere evenly.