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Our wide range of edible Lustres and Sparkle Dusts come in a variety of vibrant pearlescent and metallic colours, so you can easily customise cocktails, soft drinks and more for events, seasonal menus, and special occasions.

We have a fantastic selection of Lustres that don’t contain artificial colours, like Metallic Golden Sands and Starlight Silver Saturn. We love pairing Snow White Sparkle Dust with sparkling wines, mixing our red Lustres with gin, and adding sparkle to Mojitos with Gold Glitter.

Lustres and Sparkle Dusts are easy to use and by adapting the amount you add to your beverages you can create a variety of impressive looking drinks, whether you want a subtle flush of colour or a pearlescent, shimmering effect.


Our products are not just great mixed with drinks, but as decorations and embellishments on tops of drinks and around the rim of glasses. 

For foamy drinks like French Martini, we love sprinkling our lightweight Glitter on top using a stencil. This looks great for festive drink and party drinks for hen parties and more.

Instead of adding a salt rim to your glass, try a sugar rim using our colourful Sugar Crystals. Using the edible glue brush, simply brush glue around the rim and dip into a bowl of our Sugar Crystals, customising the colour to the drink, occasion or season. For different effects you can mix Sugar Crystals with Glitter for added sparkle.

Our edible Confetti shapes look beautiful sprinkled on top of drinks like sparkling wines, and they gently dissolve into a shimmer that makes each sip feel special!

Try painting the inside of a glass with our Metallic Paints then watch the colours slowly merge into the drink for a fun and fascinating effect.


For a special look, you could add our Lustres, Glitters and Sparkle Dust to garnishes like mint leaves, fruit slices, fresh fruits and more. Our Lustres look incredible dry dusted onto fresh strawberries and popped into a glass of fizz.

For a more intense sparkling effect, use the edible glue brush to apply glue to your garnish then add Glitter, and your garnish will look as well as taste fantastic.

Top tip! Freeze our Confetti into ice cubes so they sparkle and melt into a shimmer in your drink, or splash your ice cube trays with Metallic Paint before adding water, and your ice cubes will add vibrant colour and shimmer to any drink.

We hope you’ve been inspired to add colour, shimmer and shine to your drinks. For more inspiration, please visit our Inspire Me page or in Get in touch with us about your drinks needs for your business and our Technical Team can support with the best products and advice for your requirements.

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