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Caramel Sparkle Doughnuts

The ultimate indulgence! These doughnuts use Renshaw Luxury Bakers Caramel with our Sparkle Dust to create shimmering, sparkly, doughnuts.

Makes 6 doughnuts

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If the caramel is too thick, add a touch of milk to thin it slightly. This will make it easier to fill and coat the doughnuts.


Prepare your equipment: bowl, spoon, piping bag

6 pre-made ball doughnuts

Decoration Ingredients

400 g Renshaw Baking Caramel

30 ml Milk

Sprinkles of your choice

Rainbow Dust Golden Belle Sparkle Dust

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Sparkle Dust Spray – New Lower Price – Golden Belle

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Decorating your doughnuts:

Step 1

Create a hole (on the side in the middle) in the doughnut using the handle end of a spoon.

Step 2

Open the Renshaw Baking Caramel and warm in the microwave, following the on pack instructions and pour into a bowl. Make sure the caramel is warmed to a runny consistency, as this will make it easier for dunking.

Step 3

Add 30ml of milk to the warmed caramel and stir.

Step 4

Pipe the caramel into the holes you have created in each doughnut to fill them, being careful not to overfill (approx. 20g of fill in each doughnut). temperature (usually approx. 45 seconds).

Step 5

If there is any caramel left in the piping bag, put it back into the bowl.

Step 6

Take each doughnut and dunk into the warm caramel one by one.

Step 7

Leave to set for 40 minutes.

Step 8

Apply your sprinkles of choice, and qive them a quick spray of Rainbow Dust Golden Belle Sparkle Dust to finish.

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